PNC “Fraud Alert” experience

PNC called me trying to claim that a Coinbase transaction was fraudulent. The person who was on the phone barely spoke English. They called my wife, who luckily I was with at the time.

Eventually when I started asking additional questions about the transaction they transferred me to someone else.

This someone else clearly wanted me to confirm the transaction was fraudulent. Their questions were phrased like: “You didn’t make this transaction, right?” – Clearly leading me to the answer they wanted me to give.

When I asked them to confirm the last four digits of the account that the transaction came from…”Click”. They hung up the phone.

I’m assuming they want to keep money from flowing out of the system.

Be careful out there friends.

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  1. Keep up the good work!


    For everybody: If your bank, credit card company, etc. calls you:

    * hang up immediately
    * look up their phone number (on the back of the credit card, for example)
    * call them

    Usually, they’ll tell you how smart you were to hang up. ONE time in my entire life, it was legitimate and they connected me with their fraud prevention department, but they were still happy that I hung up on them first.

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