Executive order 6102

Executive order 6102


I’ve bought bitcoin through an exchange every month the past year.

The exchange is registered at the central bank and knows who I am because it requires my identity

I am holding about half a coin now

And I am afraid the European Central bank will do an [Executive Order 6102]( just like the US government did in the past

So I want my privacy back and not them knowing I hold bitcoin.

What would be wise to do?

I was thinking about exchanging my bitcoin back to Euro’s and then Buying it all back at a P2P bitcoin platform like HodlHodl.

But I don’t thing anyone sells half a coin out there!?

What do you think?


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  1. Once you self custody, they can’t take it away like they easily could with gold. That’s all you need to do. If you sell all of it now just to buy with a non-KYC method, you’ll owe taxes on any profits you have now. Keep that in mind.

  2. You could sell your coins on the exchange and buy them back on a p2p network such as hodlhodl. I would do it in pieces, then you won’t come up against any limits. Don’t forget about any tax implications in your jursdiction.

    You could mix your coins. This has no tax implications as you’re not converting into fiat.

    Once you de-KYC your coins, you might never again be able to sell them on an exchange. Might be wise to hold a mix of KYC and non KYC coins.

  3. There is no way for a government to know if you still possess any Bitcoin, even if they know exactly which coins you purchased and when you purchased them. To possess Bitcoin is to have access to 256 bits of specific information; this is simply not possible for another entity to verify.

  4. You “spend” it. Send it to another wallet address that you totally don’t own. You’ll pay taxes that you “spent” it. But you will officially no longer own it, another anonomous entity does. Who’d you send it to? What you spend it on? Idk

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