How to sell BTC

I’ve been stacking but just now realized I don’t know how to unstack… to sell BTC. How is BTC treated tax wise? Do I treat each purchase separately or take an average of gains?. Not planning on selling but I think it’s something I should know because I would like to use BTC in place of fiat at some point soon.

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  1. Ouch…depends on country…US tax law each purchase is treated separately…can choose either first trade or last trade but you have to be consistent…the value difference you achieved is the gain you realize…held over a year and it’s a capital gain…less than a year it’s ordinary income.

    Edit to add: not an expert…I use koinly for my taxes

  2. lol there’s an uptick of posts lately of people wanting to sell or pretending they don’t want to sell but still want to know how 😂😂 this is why some people are destined to remain poor. No patience and unable to control their emotions. It’s okay though, let the banks get your coins, they’ll probably hold for longer than you

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