Sushi goes live on Aptos

Sushi goes live on Aptos

Decentralized platform Sushi announced integration with the Aptos blockchain for scalability, security, and improved user experience.

In a blog post published on Nov. 20, Sushi announced the first non-Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) chain integration on Aptos.

Additionally, Sushi says it will launch its automated market maker (AMM) version 2 on Aptos, followed by the deployment of SushiXSwap.

Automated market makers represent a form of decentralized exchange (DEX) which employs algorithm-driven “money robots” to simplify the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency for individual traders.

The integration of a V2 AMM allows users to exchange tokens through Aptos and over 30 networks, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, Base, and more. This extension enables seamless exchange of liquidity and tokens across different networks.

This successful integration with Aptos strengthened Sushi’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to bringing new updates and integrations to the community.

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To mark the new collaboration, the Sushi team has announced a promotion where users can receive an NFT from The Sushi Multi-chain Feast collection. They will be available upon completion of all tasks, which the Sushi team says will be available in the next few months.

News of Aptos support appeared in September. It was then reported that as part of the expansion, an AMM and SushiXswap would be integrated into the network. Aptos said in a statement that this partnership is just the beginning of the collaboration.

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