Surge Beyond $28K Amidst Massive Transactions


Santiment, a well-known blockchain analytics firm, made a noteworthy tweet regarding the Bitcoin market. Just before Bitcoin surged past the $28,000 mark for the first time in six weeks, there were four substantial transactions with values ranging from $187 million to $346 million. This development has garnered considerable attention in the crypto space.

Moreover, the supply of BTC on exchanges has notice­ably decreased, falling from 5.99% to 5.73% since­ September 1st. Marke­t experts interpret this decline in BTC supply on exchange­s as a positive sign, indicating that more investors are­ choosing to hold their assets rather than active­ly trade them.

Analyst Insights: Comparing Bitcoin Cycles

However, Bitcoin’s recent price surge has led analysts to offer insights into the current market situation. One notable analyst, JACKIS, took to Twitter and drew parallels between historical Bitcoin cycles, specifically comparing the present scenario to the year 2016 rather than 2019.

JACKIS pointed out key differences between these cycles, highlighting the duration of bear markets and retracement patterns. Notably, the similarity between the current re-accumulation phase and that of 2016 was underscored, particularly with a focus on the 23.6% retracement from the all-time high (ATH).

Furthermore, JACKIS emphasized the importance of retesting the bottom range after each cycle, noting that in 2023, there was a double retest of this level, akin to the behavior observed in previous cycles.

While JACKIS does not anticipate an exact replication of the 2015-2017 cycle, they believe there are undeniable similarities, suggesting that Bitcoin’s price trajectory could see further upside potential, especially after breaking above the re-accumulation range.

Another analyst, Titan of Crypto, also shared valuable insights on Twitter by highlighting the presence of a Bullish Cypher Pattern in the Bitcoin marke­t, indicating a potential reversal and upward price­ movement. Additionally, Titan of Crypto identifies three Fibonacci retrace­ment levels as possible targets for BTC’s price: $36,000, $48,700, and $69,200. 

However, as BTC approaches its initial target, analysts overwhelmingly expre­ss optimism regarding its future moveme­nts. They suggest that upcoming events and market developme­nts will significantly impact the cryptocurrency’s traje­ctory.

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Trader Warns Bitcoin Reversal Likely Based on Historical Precedent, Updates Outlook on Chainlink

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