Solana Founder Urges Harmony Amidst ‘ETH Killer’ Controversy


In a recent development, Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana (SOL), has recently expressed his concern in a recent X post over the possibility of inciting a cold war between Ethereum (ETH) and other protocols, specifically those termed as ‘ETH Killers,’  Yakovenko highlighted the detrimental impact of perpetuating narratives that pit Ethereum against its perceived rivals, stressing the need for a more symbiotic relationship within the blockchain ecosystem. 

Yakovenko strongly supported peaceful coexistence without threats or competitive hurdles to outshine each other’s advancements. Yakovenko’s hopeful vision centered on the forthcoming incorporation of “Danksharding” tech in Solana. 

Similar to Ethereum’s rollup scaling, this advancement pledges increased transactional capacity by allocating extra storage for roll-up transactions. He envisioned a future where Solana’s data seamlessly integrates into Danksharding-enabled bandwidth, demonstrating the promise of inter-protocol collaboration. Yakovenko’s stance emphasized the feasibility and mutual benefit of SOL and ETH coexisting without encumbrances, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious relationship between the two ecosystems.

Solana Founder Calls For Unity Amid Blockchain Shift

Amidst the burgeoning acclaim for Solana, Yakovenko cautioned against fostering unhealthy competition, particularly after MakerDAO’s Rune Christensen announced plans to migrate NewChain onto the Solana blockchain. The move generated reactions from SOL advocates, viewing it as a showdown between blockchain giants.

Yakovenko promptly intervened, advocating for the triumph of open-source initiatives and urging the SOL community to avoid weaponizing such progress to provoke Ethereum. The intervention was intended to foster a collaborative and constructive atmosphere that fosters innovation and development.

Previously, a member of the Ethereum community, identified as jebus.eth, attempted to disparage Solana, framing it as a consortium of individuals ignorant of genuine value creation. In response, Yakovenko articulated Solana’s mission as pursuing a stateless digital realm, fostering unrestricted communication and transactions free from traditional intermediaries and government surveillance constraints.

Yakovenko’s relentless calls for collaboration and understanding amid the ‘ETH Killer’ narrative underscores SOL commitment to a cohesive and progressive blockchain landscape, where healthy competition coexists harmoniously for the greater advancement of decentralized technologies.

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