NFT Influencer Artchick.eth Accused Of Grifting Again


Artchick.eth, a high-profile and renowned crypto and non-fungible token influencer, has suffered another bad reputation after being accused of grift. The recent swindling appeared just a few years after the crypto influencer was caught with another swindle.

Artchick.eth Now Under Intense Scrutiny

In a February 12 blog post, ZachXBT, a renowned crypto sleuth and rug pull survivor, flagged the NFT influencer Artchick.eth over market manipulation claims. Artchick.eth is one of the top profile crypto influencers, with nearly 160,000 followers on X (previously known as Twitter.)

The escapade emerged after Artchick.eth was sported negotiating to purchase the Craminus NFT collection with his fellow NFT investor duped as Rodge. Unfortunately, after Rodge refused to sell an NFT collection to him, Artchick.eth exploited his social media influence and tweeted a negative statement about the NFT project to decrease its floor price.

Artchick.eth has committed an offense called pump and dump (p&d) in the crypto space. By description, P&D is a form of securities fraud that involves NFT influencers artificially inflating the price of an owned crypto asset through false and misleading positive statements to sell the cheaply purchased NFT at a higher price.

It’s not the first time for Artchick.eth to be caught with crypto-swindling accusations. In 2021, the NFT and crypto influencer suffered another bad reputation after he was issued 5 ETH to chill a memecoin project. At the time, Artchick.eth admitted the misconduct and apologized to the NFT community.

ZachXBT Puts More NFT Influencers Under Scrutiny

Artchick.eth joins a rapidly growing list of crypto and NFT influencers, set for intense scrutiny by crypto detectives. In July last year, a crypto investigator, ZachXBT, shared intact evidence alleging that an NFT influencer named Tmas.eth has been involving himself in numerous crypto heists, amounting to a staggering $100,000 worth of NFTs.

In 2021, the crypto X accused Farohk, the Rug Radio founder and the chief executive officer of Goodlife Media and Communication, of pumping and dumping Cool Cats and making money out of five Cool Cats NFTs. ZachXBT, a crypto detective who has revealed and thwarted hundreds of scams, has urged the crypto community to be vigilant amid the rise of crypto and NFT scams.

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