Next bull run will be nothing like before

When ETFs are approved, which is only a matter of time, the scarcity of Bitcoin will skyrocket to the levels unimaginable.

During previous cycles it was mostly retail investors who figured out how to buy this weird Bitcorn thing through a broken website with a high comission.

This time it will be world’s largest fund management companies. They will vacuum suck all the available Bitcoin from exchanges. Do not let them get your sats cheap.

We will be discussing Bitcoin at 25k the way we discuss Bitcoin at prices before MtGox now.

You know something 99% of population don’t.

DCA, self-custody, shut the fuck up.

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  1. There are those who are so *desperately impatient* for “number go up NOW,” that they’re willing to cheer for Wall St. criminals – the very people Bitcoin was designed to allow us to escape from. Sad, sad, sad… Meanwhile, Bitcoin has gone from pennies to tens of thousands of dollars without the “help” of Wall St criminals.

    Those institutions with lots of “money” to invest… they get their money from individuals, ultimately: Moms and Pops trying to save for retirement.

    Those *individuals* should buy actual Bitcoin and hold it long term in their own hardware wallets. We should be teaching those individuals, not cheering for the biggest crooks on the planet. Nobody should give their retirement savings to an “institution” which gives some of it to an ETF “institution” who turns around and gives some of it to, say, Coinbase who *claims* to be holding the right amount of Bitcoin for everybody — that way is fucked up, fraught with perils.

  2. I don’t know why people are hating on you here. Can’t you see it? The Spot ETF’s coinciding with the havening is like the perfect storm. It’s not too hard to figure that out. It’s going to be a rapid supply crunch, which then will trigger alot more retail demand just from FOMO and up we go.

  3. the counterargument is always, when ETFs are approved, the market will be flooded with paper (not)bitcoin for the normies to buy, and the paper gold market has allowed the gold price to stay flat in the face un unprecedented global demand in the last few years.

    Then again, the first gld ETF was approved in 2003, and the gold price shot up 5x since then.

  4. Crystal ball working overtime I see. Bitcoin has been around since January 3rd 2009. Billions and billions of people know about it’s not new to anyone who has a computer.and the only thing the etf is going to do is give massive players more power to play retail, like they do with the stock in your own words “shut the fuck up”

  5. Assuming prices are being suppressed in order for institutions to slow the market and acquire btc before etfs makes sense. Institutions are also in a race to make history and become the first to be approved, Ark’s final deadline is actually jan 10th so if blackrock wants the spotlight they’ll need to act fast + the halving and the glorious inevitable supply shock

  6. more important is to not repeat the error of the past and trust the exchanges with the coins, you mention MTGOX and i remember living it and see ALOT of people getting wiped out on bitcointalk

    but that was about 10 years ago, now we have plenty of ways to store any crypto out of exchanges , ledger, trezor etc etc etc

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