My friend just told me his secret way to hardcore HODL Bitcoin, you may find it strange but it is surprisingly simple and effective.

So this is what he does:

For every of his “fixed amount” of Bitcoin (that maybe 0.1, 0.5 or 1 Bitcoin, he didnt say and i didnt ask). He stores them in an individual wallet…….and this is the best part, he gives them a name and also his own surname, like “John Mcleod”, “Alana Mcleod”, “Christian Mcleod” etc

He said by doing that, he feels more attached to his coins like being attached to his own sons and daughters, which in turn make it nearly impossible for him to sell even if/when he might want to. By treating his Bitcoins as his next of kin he makes it emotionally difficult to get separated from them.

I am thinking of starting to do the same for a certain portion of my holdings…..just to see if i would get attached to them in the same way

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What do you think?

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  1. Investments are investments. They are a tool to grow and shelter wealth. Wealth by itself is just a number on a screen. It is intended to be used for goods and services to improve your quality of life. This is just sad.

    The guy is going to live a miserable life not using the wealth he has and die with 80 bitcoin children who can’t even attend his funeral. Most likely has no beneficiary plan and the bitcoin children die with him.

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