Investors Shift to Cat-Themed Meme Coins as MEW Token Surges – Will Dogecoin20 Revive the Dog Meme Craze Upon Launch?

Investors Shift to Cat-Themed Meme Coins as MEW Token Surges - Will Dogecoin20 Revive the Dog Meme Craze Upon Launch?


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The cryptocurrency market, long ruled by dog-themed tokens, is experiencing a shift. MEW coin, a project with feline-focused branding, is attracting attention with its recent surge in value.

In less than a week, the token’s price surged by 220%, propelling its market cap to a staggering $633 million. MEW coin appears poised to dominate the market with its cat theme.

Cat memes take over: MEW coin challenges dog dominance

MEW coin’s branding cleverly incorporates elements from popular dog-themed coins like Baby Doge Coin, Dogelon Mars, Bonk, and dogwifhat, alongside nods to internet culture with references to Pepe. The project’s tagline,” For too long, dogs have ruled the world.

It’s the dawn of a new era,” encapsulates its mission to disrupt the dominance of dog coins and establish cats as the new rulers of the crypto realm. Also known as “cat in a dogs world,” MEW coin has captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike with its impressive performance.

With a total supply of 88 billion tokens, MEW coin allocates 90% to the burn liquidity pool and reserves 10% for airdrops to the Solana community, fostering a sense of community engagement from the outset.

The roadmap outlines ambitious goals, including becoming the first cat coin to reach a billion-dollar market cap, flipping established projects like Floki and Pepe, and achieving MEW world dominance.

Remarkably, MEW coin has already made significant strides towards these objectives, flipping prominent projects like Baby Doge Coin and securing a position in the top 200 on CoinGecko. MEW coin’s notable surge hasn’t escaped investors’ attention, sparking speculation about its potential for continued growth.

While some worry about a potential pullback after its rapid rise, the project’s momentum remains strong. Rumors of high-tier exchanges expressing interest in MEW coin have added fuel to the speculation, further boosting its popularity among traders.

MEW coin’s airdrop strategy, which distributed $30 million worth of tokens to early adopters, has been instrumental in fostering a dedicated community of supporters. Those fortunate enough to get in early have reaped substantial rewards, with early prices skyrocketing from $0.002597 to $0.005107, translating into impressive gains for early investors.

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cat in a dogs world (MEW) price analysis

The recent surge in MEW’s price is impressive, with a 29.13% jump in just 24 hours pushing its value to $0.0072. This growth has propelled its market capitalization to a significant $633 million, solidifying its position as a top gainer.

Despite the volatility, the token seems to be breaking free, suggesting continued bullish sentiment. High trading volume further indicates strong buying pressure. A key resistance level lies around $0.0085–$0.0090. Successfully surpassing this level could be crucial for further price appreciation.

On the downside, the price appears to be finding support at around $0.0072. However, increased selling pressure could push it below this level, jeopardizing its uptrend and potentially reaching a critical support level of $0.004000.

cat in a dogs world (MEW) price prediction

An increase in buying interest could drive MEW’s price even higher. Overcoming the obstacle at $0.0085 could unlock further advancements towards targets such as $0.010, $0.0125, or even $0.015.

However, the pivotal challenge remains at $0.0085. Conquering this resistance is essential to maintaining the upward momentum, as failure could trigger consolidation or a reversal in prices. Careful monitoring of price movements around $0.0085 is crucial for determining MEW’s immediate direction.

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Can Dogecoin20’s launch bring investor interest back to dog-themed meme coins?

Dogecoin20 is scheduled to launch sooner, coinciding with the crypto community’s celebration of “Doge Day. This project has garnered significant interest for several key reasons. Firstly, Dogecoin20 secured a substantial $10 million in funding during its presale phase, indicating strong investor confidence from the outset.

Secondly, the project introduces a novel staking system powered by Ethereum smart contracts. This “good boy staking” feature allows users to generate passive income in a secure and streamlined manner. Additionally, Dogecoin20 operates on the Ethereum network, offering users a familiar and convenient wallet experience.

A key differentiator is Dogecoin20’s fixed supply structure, contrasting with the unlimited supply of its namesake, Dogecoin. This characteristic attracts crypto enthusiasts seeking a more sustainable investment option.

Beyond its features, Dogecoin20 has secured placements in prominent publications, further solidifying its credibility within the cryptocurrency space.

The project roadmap outlines a clear development path, including pre-launch staking incentives, a decentralized exchange launch on Uniswap, and ongoing passive reward programs. Dogecoin20’s tokenomics demonstrate a strategic approach.

With 25% of the token supply allocated for presale and another 25% dedicated to marketing initiatives, the project is well-positioned to achieve widespread adoption. Furthermore, significant allocations for the project treasury, staking rewards, and exchange liquidity promote long-term financial stability.

To enhance investor transparency, Dogecoin20 offers a rewards calculator that allows users to estimate potential earnings. This feature fosters confidence in the investment process. Similar to early investment opportunities in established cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Ethereum, Dogecoin20 presents a potentially lucrative opportunity.

The upcoming launch has sparked discussions within the crypto community. With its launch on the horizon, Dogecoin20 is poised to make a significant impact on the dynamic cryptocurrency market. To take part in the $DOGE20 presale, visit


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