Help requested with first time DEX purchase

Hello! I currently hold BTC in cold storage but have been accumulating my crypto through CEX and then transfer to cold storage. I’m looking for guidance on a trusted DEX to complete my future BTC transactions on and was curious of any experiences or recommendations this community might have. Any massive differentiators to buying through DEX vs. CEX aside from KYC rules?

I appreciate all the guidance and feedback in advance!

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  1. See and read their guides. Ignore all direct messages and chats. It’s a desktop app. You set it up. Make a backup. Place your orders or take existing ones. It might not be the best option if limits are too low or you don’t want to send cash by mail. Liquidity is a massive differentiator.

  2. Bisq is the only true decentralized exchange for bitcoin. There are other P2P providers but they are all centralized.

    Main differentiators are:

    * All the code is open source
    * You hold your own keys
    * There is a Bisq DAO that you can contribute to, or ask for reimbursement if things go wrong
    * Your purchases are sales are no KYC

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