Everyone says “only invest what you can afford to lose”

But at a certain point, your balance becomes (hopefully) more than you’re willing to lose….

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What do you think?

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  1. That cliche isn’t meant to be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that you plan to lose it or don’t care. If means don’t invest before you have food in your belly and a roof over your head and when you do invest, consider risk/reward.

    It applies to the stock market, real estate or any investment to varying degrees. Really it means, don’t invest so much that you need to cash out in the short term because you don’t have enough cash to fix your car if it breaks down. Investing is for the long-term.

    Regarding applying the advice on here, consider the potential source. Do they have $1k in Bitcoin or $1 million in Bitcoin. It’s easy to go all in with $1k. It’s probably not wise with $1 million (if that is all you have).

    For many people in Bitcoin, this seems to be their first experience with investing in general.

    Also remember, regarding the OP, that just holding fiat is risky as well over time as the purchasing power is guaranteed to decline. It’s all about perspective.

  2. Only invest in Bitcoin what you’re not willing to lose. I personally keep my fiat holdings at the bare minimum. If you’re not comfortable doing what I do, you simply need to study more about Bitcoin. Eventually you’ll realize that going all in is the only reasonable thing to do.

  3. One responsible approach is to set an allocation you like, and then periodically correct to that. So, you decide to put 5% of your net worth into BTC, it triples in a year, you sell 2/3. The next year it doubles, you sell 1/2. The next year it falls by 1/2, you buy twice as much.

    If you do this on too high a frequency, you will miss most of the gains, but if you do it say once a year, you get to see some significant moves, while preventing the situation where you inadvertently end up with one thing taking over your whole portfolio.

  4. I literally just sold my house (closing set for next month) to buy bitcoin and some other stock (crispr, jpmorgan, riot platforms, Microstrategy, telsa, etc.). More than half of the proceeds will be going to saving 3 bitcoin. Prepping for the halving. I don’t care what anyone says this is my personal risk tolerance


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