DCA forever?

What is your perspective on DCAing for the future? If BTC continues to rise, will you still keep buying in, or are you waiting for the next bear market to continue buying? For example, if BTC hits $80K, you would have to put a large amount of cash in to see any ROI. Thoughts?

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  1. I’m just gonna try to DCA for ever until it stops working lol. If 10 years down the line the momentum stops I’ll just stop putting money into it. But my thinking is this will be the equivalent of our great grandparents buying gold bars at $35 an oz and keeping them in the safe until now lol I’ll be like 50 sitting on my case of digital gold lol

  2. It depends on your situation and position in life. Some people might make gains that would mean entry into real estate. No point living in poverty until retirement if you can cash out eventually and change your situation for the better. Real estate is a scarce asset with dwindling supply, just like bitcoin.. only difference is you can live in it. You can have best of both worlds. Take profits with portions of portfolio after big rallies, buy back in after price corrects. Keep a bit of profit as a reward. Don’t have to time the market perfectly. Holding your entire bag forever is a novice strategy. Fine for long term outlooks and risk mitigation but definitely not the best use of monetary energy

  3. I’ll continue to DCA until a month or two after the halving. Then I’ll take some time off and enjoy the euphoric bull market (doing my best not to fomo in with everything). Ride the bull market and pick up the DCA again in 2026 at whatever the price happens to be. Maybe $450k, maybe $50k.

    So basically planning on taking ~1.5 years off the dca to just sit back and ride the bull market otherwise gonna keep buying.

  4. I don’t exactly worry about DCAing… I just throw chunks of extra $$ into BTC when I have it… Been doing that for the last few years and am still up 35% to what I actually put into it. Don’t overthink it like many do… Just buy what you can buy, whenever you can, period. 👍🪙😎

  5. there’s a bunch of charts circulating on Twitter that if you DCA daily 1 day after the ATH of BTC back in 2021, you’d still profit.

    profit *margin,* however, is a different question. We all have different reasons to buy Bitcoin, mine is to protect my purchasing power. if you’re interested in *investing* in Bitcoin in hopes of getting a bigger margin, you could try buying during its lows to get bigger returns (however I don’t believe this is wise since TA is a sham and there’s no way to accurately predict the future anyway), but that’s up to you!

Bitcoin is extremely volatile

Bitcoin is extremely volatile


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