Blockchain congestion question.

Are there any people out there that know who to ask or to find out how long the congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain is going to last? Also I have one other question. Is there any possible way to get an i unconfirmed incoming transaction that is being sent to a custodial wallet canceled? Is there any way I can appeal to someone to drop my transaction and send it back to the sender? Thank you to anybody who responds

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  1. Oh you sweet summer child. No we do not know how long the “congestion” is going to last, that would mean predicting human behavior. No you can not write to someone asking to get a transaction “cancelled” because everyone (including me) has your transaction not just a couple of people.

    What you can do, is use Full RBF (assuming you didn’t use RBF when making your transaction, []( will tell you if the transaction is RBFable and if its not you’ll have to use Full RBF)

    I would also encourage you to use the lightning network for spending money or trading money. Like sending between exchanges or between services (like online casinos or whatever)

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