Best Crypto to Buy Now April 2 – Toncoin, Litecoin, Bitget Token



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Each day, we review some picks for the best cryptos to buy now based on the latest market movements, blockchain news, and trending narratives.

With the volatile nature of the crypto market, it’s crucial to remain proactive in identifying lucrative investment prospects. This article, however, explores the top cryptocurrencies with substantial growth potential and accessible investment costs. From groundbreaking ventures like Core to emerging technologies such as 5th Scape, uncover the best crypto assets for investment and capitalize on the opportunity to enhance your returns.

Best Crypto to Buy Now 

CORE has experienced a remarkable surge, recently reaching a 52-week high of $3.68, having gained an impressive $36.3 in a day. Meanwhile, Litecoin is trading strong, valued at $98.02, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.45 billion, demonstrating resilience in the market. Additionally, BGB exhibits robust market strength, which is supported by its high liquidity levels attributed to its market capitalization.

1. Core (CORE)

Core has seen a significant surge in its native token, CORE, recently hitting a 52-week high of $3.68. The token gained $36.3 within a single day. This surge comes after a period of recovery that began in the fourth week of March when the price bounced back from a support level of $0.534. Within just two weeks, the token witnessed an impressive increase of 547%, trading around the $3.5 mark.

Currently, CORE is trading at $3.44, marking an intraday increase of 24.32%. This surge has propelled its market value to $3.08 billion, placing CORE among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. The price rise can largely be attributed to Core’s strategic launch of coreBTC. 

This initiative integrates Bitcoin’s robust security features into the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, promising a more secure trading environment. Moreover, market analysts suggest that if the current momentum continues, the rally in CORE’s price could reach even higher levels. Additionally, a higher timeframe analysis reveals that the altcoin forms a bullish reversal pattern known as a rounding bottom. 

This pattern indicates that the token’s previous downtrend may be coming to an end. It potentially signals the start of an uptrend. Today, CORE broke through the $3.5 resistance level with a high-volume candle, giving buyers a clear signal to continue the rally.

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has experienced a notable surge in value recently. This surge, fueled by positive sentiment within its community, has seen Litecoin’s price exceed $100. It has tested its resistance levels above $105. 

Trading at $98.02 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.45 billion, Litecoin has demonstrated resilience. It’s trading above its 200-day simple moving average. With a 9% increase in price over the last year and high liquidity indicated by its market cap, Litecoin has garnered attention for its performance in the first quarter of the year. 

LTC Price Chart

By March 30, Litecoin had processed over 30 million transactions. This is a significant milestone achieved earlier in the year than in previous periods. This accelerated transaction rate and low fees have attracted investors, reflected in the approximately eight million individuals who have invested in LTC.

In addition, rumors of a potential Litecoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) launching in the United States have further fueled optimism surrounding its future trajectory. The prospect of such an ETF underscores growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies like Litecoin.

3. Mantle (MNT)

MNT has recently surged to an all-time high of $1.44, marking a significant 47% increase over the past few weeks. This milestone has been anticipated since late January 2024, when Mantle began to show positive movement. The overall positive trend in the cryptocurrency market has contributed to MNT’s rise. 

Additionally, there’s been increased demand for Layer 2 (L2) technologies and the launch of Mantle’s staking program. MNT’s L2 solutions are gaining traction due to their affordability, low transaction fees, and scalability. One key factor behind MNT’s recent success is introducing the reward station. 

MNT Price Chart

This allows MNT holders to earn a portion of the 2.5 billion Ethena Shards allocated for the program. This announcement, made via Mantle’s official X handle, has coincided with a progressive increase in MNT’s price. The debut of $mETH trading on Tsunami Finance has further fueled the MNT rally. It has pushed the asset to achieve a new all-time high value. 

With MNT’s moving averages trending below its current price, analysts suggest there is still potential for further upside. The growing interest in Mantle has led to various predictions from analysts. Many anticipate MNT to surpass its previous high and reach $1.5 in the coming days. However, it’s worth noting that Mantle’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) has crossed the 70 mark, indicating a potential overbought condition that may temper bullish expectations.

4. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

5th Scape‘s innovative technology and promising upside potential have attracted investors’ attention. The project has already surpassed $3 million in its presale phase, drawing investors seeking early access at favorable prices. Currently priced at $0.00248, the token value is set to incrementally increase as the campaign progresses, with the next surge expected either in two days or upon reaching a total raise of $3.75 million.

The cornerstone of 5th Scape lies in its ambition to revolutionize gaming experiences through immersive VR technology, offering users a sense of active participation rather than passive observation. One of its inaugural offerings, the mixed martial arts-themed game Caged Conquest, exemplifies this approach.

The native token, 5SCAPE, serves as the medium of value exchange within the ecosystem. It enables various functionalities, including staking, which grants token holders exclusive benefits such as access to features, community engagement opportunities, and lifetime ecosystem access.

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5. Bitget Token (BGB)

Bitget Token’s current price is $1.09, reflecting a 1.37% increase over the past 24 hours. The price sentiment outlook for Bitget Token appears bullish. The upcoming Bitcoin halving is expected to drive up prices of altcoins like BGB. Currently, the token is trading near its peak for this market cycle, indicated by an Extreme Greed reading of 79 on the Fear & Greed Index.

Moreover, BGB demonstrates robust market strength. It boasts high liquidity levels based on its market capitalization. Technical analysis reveals that Bitget Token trades above its 200-day simple moving average. Additionally, in the past 30 days, BGB has seen 16 days of gain, accounting for 53% of the period, a testament to its recent performance.

BGB Price Chart

Over the past year, Bitget Token has experienced a remarkable 172% price increase, surpassing 66% of the top 100 cryptocurrency assets. As a result, it currently holds the #6 ranking in the Exchange Tokens sector.

In summary, Bitget Token has emerged as a noteworthy token in the cryptocurrency market, with its recent performance and market indicators suggesting potential for further growth. However, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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