Analysts watching XRP, VeChain, and NuggetRush

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The altcoin season indicator of Glassnode shows that altcoins could be on the cusp of an explosive price rally in the coming weeks. This is further backed up by many crypto analysts confirming that an altseason is near.

As we approach another major bull cycle, VeChain (VET), XRP, and NuggetRush (NUGX) have emerged as some of the top altcoins to watch.

NuggetRush poised for gains in 2024

NuggetRush gained massive popularity in its cryptocurrency ICO phase for its GameFi platform.

This new crypto mining game set in a hyperrealistic virtual world is set to be a game changer. 

The game is designed so that players enjoy a thrilling and immersive mining experience filled with quests where they are rewarded with gold and other precious minerals. The bigger a player’s mining operations, the more gold they stand a chance to win. A key selling point of NuggetRush is that the earned rewards can be traded for real cash or gold.

Another reason why NuggetRush is being monitored is its blend with impact gaming. The game will be much more than just the thrills and fun it promises to be. It will donate a portion of in-game purchases and incentives to worthy charitable initiatives all across the world.

With the rapidly growing support for NuggetRush, the project has sold over 188 million NUGX tokens in its crypto ICO stage. NUGX is currently valued at $0.018.

Market experts watching XRP

Although XRP has been one of the best altcoins over the past few years, it has struggled recently. Failing to keep up with the rest of the crypto market, the price of XRP has stayed under the $0.600 resistance for most of 2024. 

Despite its poor performance, CrediBULL Crypto has said that now is the time to watch and HODL Ripple. According to the market expert, we are approaching a period where XRP will pump hard and outperform the broader crypto market.

Further sharing historical patterns, the analyst sees XRP increasing by more than 200%.

VeChain set for gains

The VeChain price recently increased by over 50% on a monthly chart, outperforming the whole cryptocurrency market. The price of VET surged from $0.0250 to briefly above $0.0500 before leveling off around $0.04400. 

The spike happened when the VeChain team said it would enter more financial markets. Even after its impressive outing, one crypto analyst has predicted that VET could extend its gains in the coming months. 

Based on the predictions, the price of VeChain could increase to as high as $0.700 in November.

Closing thoughts

With an altcoin season expected to happen soon, VeChain, XRP, and NuggetRush can be explored. Savvy investors are already looking at NuggetRush because of its unique gaming concept and real-world use that sets it apart from the competition.

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