$5 wrench attack is complete and utter FUD, and here’s why

$5 wrench attack is complete and utter FUD, and here's why


Back when [XKCD coined the term in 2009](, a $5 wrench was huge. Like, probably the length of your arm.

Now? The biggest wrench I could find at Home Depot for 5 dollars is hardly bigger than your finger. There appears to be an inverse relationship between Bitcoin adoption and the risk representated by $5 wrenches. Over time, the $5 wrench will shrink until it no longer poses a credible threat.

I declare this FUD to be DEBOONKED. Keep stacking so the wrenches get smaller.

Haters BTFO.


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  1. Well, a $5 wrench attack would solve all of my problems permanently and my meager investment will be forever locked as a contribution to make Bitcoin more scarce.

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